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The Active•Fit Program

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The Active•Fit program promotes healthy lifestyles for youth ages 6 to 12. The goals of the program are as follows:

  • Introduce the benefits of exercise, healthy eating, and proper rest.
  • Motivate youth to create personal goals for fitness.
  • Help youth develop a lifelong commitment to personal fitness.

Program Guidelines

The Active•Fit program was created as a collaboration between youth and their chosen advisors. The advisors (parent, guardian, or mentor) should work with youth participants as a team to set goals and monitor progress during each period. The “team” will then need to register online at www.ActiveFit.org and create a custom username and password. Registration on the Web site will allow the team to document their Active•Fit goal progress on an ongoing basis, and have the opportunity to win incentive prizes.

During each period, the team will select 4 “Active” category goals, and 4 “Fit” category goals. When each goal is achieved, the team can document progress online at www.ActiveFit.org. When all goals have been accomplished for each period, the youth participant will automatically be entered into a drawing for great prizes.

This ongoing program will take place 3 times per year. Youth participants and their chosen advisors will have 4 months each period to accomplish their goals.

This program is only available to youth in Licking County, Ohio.

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